Arana Technologies

12 FEBRUARY 2018

Arana Technologies Streamlines the Process of Email Marketing

Email marketing is essentially the process by which products and services are sold through mails sent over the Internet. In other words, it is a marketing and promotional communication that takes place between a group of potential customers and the advertiser or the merchant. These mails can either be sent in groups or individually.

These are mostly sent one-to-one. However, make sure you are not clogging your clients’ mail boxes with too many mails as it may appear to be spamming. And spamming under no circumstance is desirable.

In what way can you opt for email marketing? Email marketing can assume many forms. You can choose from any one of the strategies. You can choose to send emails directly to the recipients. This is direct promotion and you are in a way persuading your prospective clients to buy your stuff or try it out.

The second best means of email promotion is just to build a cordial and pleasant relationship with the existing customers and at the end you silently convey the message about a discount that the company is offering on their products or services. The third way is to indirectly make your customers aware of your products. This is done when you display information about your stuff in another website or in others’ emails.

The email marketing industry is booming and according to studies, it has come to light that in the year 2011 alone, organizations in United States of America shelled out a whopping USD$1.51 billion towards email marketing. Also it is anticipated that by the year 2016, the email marketing industry will grow to be an industry worth USD$2.468 billion.

Arana Technologies team taking care of email marketing is well versed in various related issues that include vertical Response, Icontact, Constant Contact and mailChimp. So, if you find it difficult to market your products to your clients, you can always come to us and we can definitely work out things for you.