03 JANUARY 2018

Arana Technologies's tryst with Android Apps

Android phones have won hearts of all and sundry. Some find it thrilling to watch the features offered by the Android phone, while few find it difficult to understand the usage.

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12 FEBRUARY 2018

Arana Technologies Streamlines the Process of Email Marketing

Email marketing is essentially the process by which products and services are sold through mails sent over the Internet. In other words, it is a marketing and promotional communication that takes place between a group of potential customers and the advertiser or the merchant. These mails can either be sent in groups or individually.

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16 MARCH 2018

Arana Technologies has mastered of Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is beyond link exchange between webmasters, concerns about Page Ranks, the meta tags, and the meta description. SMO is basically a reflection of the changing tastes and preferences of online visitors and their web behavior.

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APRIL 2018

Arana Technologies takes Search Engine Optimization a step further

Search Engine Optimization is perhaps one way you can make your web presence felt and increase your visibility on the World Wide Web. It goes without saying that SEO is definitely one of the best investments related to the web where you can expect handsome returns, provided you know the trick of the trade.

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MAY 2018

Arana Technologies offers PPC campaign management

PPC or Pay per click is a representation related to advertising on the Internet in order to direct web traffic and get more visitors in the process. It is an arrangement between the advertiser and a website owner, in which the advertiser posts his advertisements in a space that has been assigned by the website owner.

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